About We Make Gear

We Make Gear

We Make Gear is part of our manufacturing training process. It provides hands' on training in several areas: inventory, production, quality control, shipping and receiving. By working on real world goods, trainees are better prepared to start their new careers once they leave our facility. 

For companies, that means several things.

  • You get low-cost printed goods produced under the supervision of our staff
  • We handle the fulfillment and shipping so you can remain hands' off
  • Password protected store pages are available
  • You choose your items, send us your artwork, and we do the rest!
  • You help an unemployed Rhode Islander get the training they need to secure a full-time position

The cost of production, hosting, and fulfillment is rolled into the product cost for partners who sell 240 items/year. After your start-up fee, you pay nothing! In fact, you earn profits off of the merch you sell. You can also choose to have a password protected section of our store to keep items secure, or you can open your shop to the public to build your brand!

To get started, fill out this form


How will people find my shop?
That is up to you. We can list your store publicly so anyone can buy your merchandise or you can keep your shop restricted, only available to people you choose who have a direct link and a password. 

What does it cost? 
The printing cost is rolled into the cost of the item. Once you fill out our form, we will send you a price catalog. To start-up a shop with 15 items, the initial cost is $250. Any additional items will be charged at $10 each. There will be no monthly fee unless your sales fall under 20 items/month. If that happens, we charge a $5 service fee for each item less than 20. 

How quickly do you make and ship my items?
In stock items will ship within 2 business days. Bulk and custom orders will ship within 15 working days.

Who sets the pricing?
You do! Once you receive your costs, you decide what to charge at retail. We will send you payment for any gross profit after our costs have been deducted.

If I don't want a shop, can I still order custom gear?
Absolutely! Once you receive our catalog, you can order any items we have listed or put in a request for a custom quote. We have no minimums.